About Us

To assist in the promotion and growth of the advanced manufacturing base and related service provision of the region the following strategies have been adopted by the network group;

  • Raise the profile and awareness of the importance of advanced manufacturing to the Coffs Coast region
  • Promote Coffs Coast as a preferred location for advanced manufacturing in NSW and Australia
  • Promote manufacturing as viable and exciting career path for people, especially youth and school leavers
  • Promote a culture of World Class / Lean Manufacturing through targeted business development programs that focus on continuous improvement, innovation and export
  • Continue to build the industry network of businesses, suppliers and support agencies committed to working collaboratively
  • Create increased awareness of local industry capacity and capabilities
  • Develop group marketing activities such as attendance at State/National Manufacturing Week
  • Build a pool of highly skilled labour in the region that supports the continued growth of advanced manufacturing
  • Assess the feasibility of establishing a Centre for Manufacturing Excellence that focuses on best practise in areas such as design, skills training, R & D, CAD/CAM, CNC, MRPII, World Class / Lean Manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Attract new investment and companies to the Coffs Coast
  • Identify opportunities for new suppliers to fill potential supply chain gaps
  • Ensure the provision of adequate infrastructure to support growth of the manufacturing sector in terms of quality industrial land, transport and communications
  • Support regional service provision for the industry

Maintaining and strengthening the Manufacture Coffs Coast Inc industry network is integral to achieving the above objectives.

With the support of partner organisations which include strong representation from industry on the Steering Committee, the network is the mechanism through and by which the Manufacture Coffs Coast Inc Strategy is implemented. The strategy focuses on encouraging, maintaining and developing industry engagement with the network and relies upon the active involvement of its membership.

Advanced manufacturing is a key source of innovation, technology and skills transfer for the Coffs Coast economy. The sector is an important wealth generator for the region with around $400 million worth of income derived from manufacturing activities each year. It employs seven per cent of the Coffs Coast workforce spread across some 500 businesses.